• Allegoritmica8, 2017 olio su tela / oil on canvas cm 150 x 200


Ieva Petersone’s pictorial style has evolved through various themes and different techniques of oil painting. After the exploration of landscape and its tiny elaborate details, her efforts have shifted toward the interaction between the human and his/her sorrounding space. The artist’s viewpoint has developed through this dialectic; observing interiors and people’s behaviors in them she realized that objects themselves already express something about someone.

Objects are reminders of the presence of human beings, especially in their absence. In Ieva Petersone’s paintings the setting becomes screenplay, allowing humans to communicate even through their physical absence. Meanwhile her interest in the variety of forms, colors, light conditions and shadows led her to explore the world of interior design, allowing this influence to enrich her paintings.
Ieva Petersone’s latest series of works focuses on the rhythms created by shapes and shadows which lead to more simple and abstract results. Through their rhythmical repetition, everyday objects such as chairs and tables open up their interpretation to the viewer’s imagination, thus acquiring, through this process, their own independent nature.

Gallery Exhibition

M77 Gallery presenta UNO+UNO, doppia personale inedita di Ieva Petersone (Jelgava, Lettonia, 1984) e Dimitri Agnello (Carrara, 1995), che rimarrà aperta al pubblico da martedì 27 febbraio 2018 a sabato 7 aprile 2018.

I due giovani artisti sono i protagonisti di una originale dialettica sul colore e sull’uso dei materiali che esplicita, con esiti pur diametralmente diversi, una comune ricerca creativa basata sui rimandi, sull’allusione e sull’illusione dell’immagine.

Con la mostra UNO+UNO, M77 Gallery riconferma la propria volontà di porre, accanto a mostre di artisti affermati, una attenzione particolare al dialogo con i giovani artisti emergenti, come nel caso della personale Moving Mountains (2015) di Robert Fekete.

La mostra sarà accompagnata da un volume con due testi di Michele Bonuomo e rimarrà aperta al pubblico da martedì 27 febbraio 2018 sino a sabato 21 aprile 2018.

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