Chiara Dynys’ show “Insidious Beauty” opens in Miami

On November 3rd Chiara Dynys’ exhibition “Insidious Beauty” will open at Valli Art Gallery in Miami. The solo show, curated by Giorgio Verzotti, focuses, as the title itself reveals, on a topic close to everyone and particularly to the artist, beauty. Certainly, a “classic” beauty, which brings harmony as its gift is no longer conceivable in a world so tragically disarming. Our contemporary awareness makes us think that the peaceful, cathartic harmony that the “beautiful” promises has long been revealed as a mystification: beauty so conceived serves but to hide the contradictions of the real world. It is no coincidence that from the historical avant-gardes onwards artists refuse to elaborate on the topic of beauty. Or, when they do, it is to reveal what is hidden behind it, and that’s the case with Chiara Dynys. Her works, so well-realized, are also thematically insidious because they do not hide, they reveal this very contradiction.
The exhibition will be open to the public from November 3rd to December 31st 2017.