M77 Gallery opens the public with a show by one of the most interesting artists, Luca Pignatelli, who has stood out over the last twenty years in his ability to engage in a richly contemplative original study with plenty of critical ideas on the theme of memory. The Off Paper exhibition presents a wide selection of artworks on paper for the first time. Paper exposes the visions of Luca Pignatelli, accomplished by pursuing designs locked away in the vaults of memory, which are identified by studying space-time frequencies and are tuned into the cyclic nature of the events of Western contemporaneity. The world designed by Luca Pignatelli is an amalgam of reality and mythology. The subjects are cities blocked in the moment of insight traversed by stopped trains waiting to pull out of mysterious stations, which became architectural details even before the railroad was invented, and constructed on paper in the works by Primaticcio, Serlio, D’Orbay and Mansard, set against possibly arboreal, abstract or zoomorphic backgrounds. This show marks the transition from large canvases, imbued with cultured popular vocation, to a more Intimist dimension. Viewing these works on paper is to revealsecrets of the backstage hidden behind his art, consisting of screens, cuts, tears, stains and intrusions of different materials. Now that the veil has been lifted on the body with which the classic artistic communication system, centred on monumentalism, is presented, one may appreciate the fervour of what artists do and the reflections that probe the universe of ideas beyond the symbolic interpretation of myth