M77 Gallery on Artnet

We are glad to announce the start of our collaboration with Artnet! In our dedicated page on the platform you can now find a selection of available artworks by artists in our roster. Avish Khebrehzadeh‘s piece shown here was selected for a feature on the website’s newsletter. Go check out our page if you haven’t already!

Image: Avish Khebrehzadeh As for Me, I Confess that I Should like to be like Him (2018); oil on canvas, cm 51×41

The erasures of Isgrò on Robinson, La Repubblica

On this weekend’s issue of La Repubblica’s Robinson a great article penned by Greggio Botta on Emilio Isgró‘s retrospective at Fondazione Cini in Venice: “His artworks are visual machines built to create mental shocks, to undermine common sense, in them letters and figures vanish“. The exhibition curated by Germano Celant is on view until November 24th, don’t miss it!

Happy birthday Emilio!

Our beloved and multi-talented artist Emilio Isgró turns 82 today! We gather around him on this very special day to wish him the most wonderful of birthdays and a hundred more filled with Art and Poetry!

Image: Emilio Isgró, (detail of) Mattino d’Agosto (2010); mixed technique on canvas, cm 70×100

On today’s cover of La Lettura: Braco Dimitrijevic

On today’s cover of Corriere della Sera‘s La Lettura, Braco Dimitrijevic‘s Triptychos Post Historicus. The piece is an homage to this masterpiece by Kasimir Malevic, a relevant figure in the artist’s production whose portrait is featured twice in our exhibition “Traveling to Post History“. Thank you Gianluigi Colin and the editorial team at the magazine! Go grab your copy at the nearest newsstand!

Image: Braco Dimitrijevic Triptychos Post Historicus, Russian State Museum, St. Petersburg (2006)
Part One: “Head” Kasimir Malevic, 1916
Part Two: Axe
Part Three: Apple

TALK: Starting from a sentence

M77 Gallery is happy to invite you to a talk focused on the circulation of works of art entitled: “Starting from a sentence. A conversation on the circulation of artworks in the XXI century” to be held next Friday, October 11 at 7 pm at the gallery spaces in via Mecenate 77.

The debate takes its cue from a declaration of exceptional artistic interest recently notified to the Maria Lai Archive, following the presentation by the latter of a self-certification required by law in order to get out of the country an artwork by a non-living artist whose creation dates back more than 50 years but less than 70.

The event, organized on the occasion of the very first edition of Milano Gallery Weekend, will be moderated by Prof. Laura Castelli (University of Milan) and will see as interlocutors Dr. Giuseppe Trimarchi (Artem Advisors New York), Emilio Isgrò (artist ), Dr. Maria Sofia Pisu (Maria Lai Archive), Dr. Michele Casamonti (Galleria Tornabuoni Arte) and Dr. Walter Baldi (collector).

Botticelli and Braco Dimitrijevic

As Frieze Masters opens with the very last privately-owned Botticelli portrait on view here’s a throwback of Braco Dimitrijevic‘s TRIPTYCHOS POST HISTORICUS. In the mid-Seventies Dimitrijevic started incorporating in his installations original paintings borrowed from museum collections. This project was realized in numerous museums around the world such as the Tate Gallery in London, the Louvre in Paris, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York (among others), and unites in a harmonious synthesis high art and everyday objects.

Image: Braco Dimitrijevic, TYCHOS POST HISTORICUS, Musée du Louvre, Paris (1996)
I: Portrait of a Young Man, Sandro Botticelli, ca. 1470–75
II: Candle lit by Braco Dimitrijevic
III: Apple