Grazia Varisco at Gallerie d’Italia, Vicenza

Among the amazing artworks featured in the first post-lockdown temporary exhibition at the Gallerie d’Italia in Vicenza, one of Grazia Varisco’s Schema Luminoso Variabile from 1963. The exhibition, called FUTURE | Art and Society from the Sixties to Tomorrow is conceived and curated by Luca Beatrice and Walter Guadagnini with the patronage of the municipality of Vicenza.
The exhibition starts from Futurism and the 1960s and goes all the way to the present time, with an open ending. It features almost one hundred works by Italian and international artists, belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo collection and private collections alike.

The exhibition at:

Grazia Varisco’s audio interview with ArtAround

Art Around has just published a new audio interview with the Milanese artist Grazia Varisco. She doesn’t like to be defined, and wants to be call an artist without female or male connotations.

“Art is a question mark. It’s a game. The artist draws on doubt as an instrument of knowledge “.

This journey open to playful experimentation, including interactive reliefs, sculptures and sound installations, in the continuous mutability of forms, runs through Varisco’s entire career, from the beginnings linked to optical-kinetic experiences  alongside her companions Giovanni Anceschi, Davide Boriani, Gianni Colombo and Gabriele De Vecchi, from Group T – where T stood for time, extension of the work in the fourth dimension. Each form she creates has always had a close correlation with movement, a concept that originated from the very beginning with the T Group, which was the answer to the relationships between space and time, more often obtained from ambiguity, from chance and from doubt.

An unmistakable quality of her work is lightness. Sculptures and reliefs fly, with Grazia.

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