Interview with Grazia Varisco on Harper’s Bazaar

Just published on Harper’s Bazaar, an interview penned by Marco Arrigoni with Grazia Varisco, part of the magazine’s focus on women artists born in the 20’s and 30’s who have ascended to notoreity and affirmed themselves as central figures of the contemporary art scene.

« In this difficult period of stop for the pandemic – that has often been compared to war – I recall my first sensory memories: the most present reminder after many years is the word “RECONSTRUCTION”. Of the drawing boards in elementary school and then in middle school, I remember a sheet of paper with the word “RECONSTRUCTION” on it, written with a red pencil, suggesting many bricks stacked to “build” its lettering. Today, in the recent context of CONSTRAINT at home, the proposal of RECOVERY is full of uncertainties … the empty restaurant tables laid with hope … the school and the children at risk of great illusions … to be supported in any case with confidence.»
– Grazia Varisco.

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