Robert Fekete @ THE WANDERERS: Contemporary Painting from Cluj

Opening January 11, 2017  6- 8 pm

Richard Taittinger Gallery

154 Ludlow Street

New York, NY 10002

For more than a decade, Cluj-Napoca, the capital of Transylvania, has been a thriving Contemporary art center for Romania and the international art world. This trend’s inception was founded upon a call for change on behalf of the representation of a group of painters, a group that has since been identified as the “Cluj School.” These young artists dared to assume a different artistic paradigm; one that combined the conceptual art trends of the West with traditional figurative painting. The artists of this exhibition include Robert Fekete (1987), Cornel Brudașcu (1937), Ioan Sbârciu (1948), Victor Răcătău (1967), Aurelian Piroșcă (1973), Marius Bercea (1979), Oana Fărcaș (1981), Alin Bozbiciu (1989) and Sergiu Toma (1987).