M77 Gallery is pleased to announce the event About Maria Lai, an occasion for reflection on the great Sardinian artist who died in 2013, which will be held at the gallery on September 28th from 7pm.

On this occasion the book Maria Lai. Art and relation¬†(Ilisso, 2017) by Elena Pontiggia will be presented. In the book the author retraces the areas and lines along which the artist’s research has developed, through the study of unpublished materials. Elena Pontiggia and Maria Sofia Pisu, nephew of the artist and president of the Maria Lai Archive, will meet at the meeting, in conversation with Cloe Piccoli, art critic, curator and lecturer at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

For the appointment, a selection of works will be set up in the spaces of M77 Gallery and will remain open to the public from Friday 28 September to Saturday 13 October 2018.