Grazia Varisco “Visioni (IM)POSSIBILI”

Grazia Varisco is part a group show “Visioni (IM)POSSIBILI – spazio, luce, movimento nelle collezioni CSAC” at Palazzo Pigorini in Parma, curated by Alessandra Acocella and CSAC Parma, in collaboration with Municipality of Parma.

“Visioni (IM)POSSIBILI” is a collaborative project between CSAC – Centre for Studies and Communication Archives of the University of Parma and Municipality of Parma that revolves around the theme of Bauhaus heritage in the 20th century, which opens with the setting up of a double exhibition, one at Valserena Abbey and one at Palazzo Pigorini.

The exhibition explores the artistic research that established itself on the national and international scene between the late 1950s and 1960s and that placed the relationship between art and technology, the design dimension and group work at the centre of its activity, proposing new methods of viewing reality and an active relationship between work and spectator.