Emilio Isgrò’s Summer School of Cancellatura

Communicating is first of all canceling!

We work by removing or covering other ways of saying and acting. Even thought must make its way into the overflow that prevents seeing.

The University of Urbino Carlo Bo, together with the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino and ISIA, has designed the Scuola della Cancellatura by Emilio Isgrò, which will be held in Urbino, from 24 to 29 June and which includes 3 ECTS.

This is a Summer School dedicated to students, artists, workers and cultural workers, eager to explore the mechanisms of ‘adding by subtracting’, to refine their understanding skills , design and production.

Under the wise guidance of Emilio Isgrò, visual poet and conceptual artist who created the artistic language of “cancellatura”, authoritative professionals and intellectuals in semiotics, sociology, philosophy, design, literature, law, economics, archaeology, media studies, architecture , journalism, theology, will investigate the art of Erasure and Erasure as an art.

The participants will constantly compare themselves with Isgrò and with the prominent personalities present through theoretical lessons, workshops and meetings with the public. They will have laboratories and tools at their disposal to develop a personal project on Erasing, drawing on libraries and using techniques chosen by them.

Discarding, opacification, silence, secrecy, cancel culture, occult persuasion, cover-up, censorship, oblivion, camouflage, iconoclasm will be the themes of this first edition, which will allow the members to acquire knowledge and skills never previously codified in the national training field and usable in all disciplines and professions.

SCIE-Scuola della Cancellatura di Emilio Isgrò is in collaboration with the Emilio Isgrò Archive, with the Municipality of Urbino, the Institute for Journalism Training (Ifg), the Umberto Eco International Center for Semiotic Sciences (CiSS), the Foundation Carlo and Marise Bo, the Italian Association of Semiotic Studies (AISS), the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche.

ph. Emilio Isgrò, Autocurriculum