Nino Migliori. SEVENTY

M77 is glad to present a monographic exhibition project dedicated to the mutifaceted photographic production from the 1970s of the renowned Bologna-based photographer Nino Migliori, realized in collaboration with the Fondazione Nino Migliori, which the gallery has been representing internationally since 2017.

The exhibition, entitled SEVENTY like the decade to which all the works included date back but also as a tribute to the ninety-seven-year-old photographer’s over seventy years of artistic production, reveals an intense period full of reflections on photographic matter. Placing emphasis on its profoundly experimental nature, SEVENTY retraces in a thematic manner the rich production of one of the greatest masters of European photography of the 20th century through dozens of shots, many of which are vintage and often completely never-before-seen.

Belonging to different series, the photographic works on display, differing in subject and theme, remain profoundly cohesive in the broader artistic vision. The exhibition path begins with reflections on nature (Herbarium) and the city (Muri, Manifesti Strappati) as photographic subjects which, although usually opposites, through Migliori’s gaze both emerge as clear witnesses of time and the transience of human experience. The reflection continues on the photographic matter itself – which has characterized his production from the beginning in the 1940s – first with studies on light (Lucigrafie, Polarigrammi) and, through experiments on perception and materiality as traces of a society going through a profound transition (Natura Morta, Sesso Kitsch, Sequenze TV), reaches his most overtly and formally ‘conceptual’ (In Immagin abile, Segnificazione) and, at times, performative (SuPerDaCon) approaches.

The opening will take place on Monday, June 17 at 7 p.m.


18/06/2024 -