Valentino Vago. Presence

M77 is pleased to present Presence, an exhibition project dedicated to the artist Valentino Vago curated by Alberto Salvadori.

The exhibition is rooted in the concept of presence in painting, one of the founding elements of Vago’s artistic practice. In his incessant search for pure light and for pushing beyond the sphere of the visible through painting, the artist has constantly nourished and enriched his creative drive, often going beyond the limits of the canvas and creating true environmental pieces.

The exhibition, conceived for the gallery spaces, is divided into two large immersive rooms and covers Vago’s artistic production from the 1970s to 2010. The artworks that make up the exhibition are contextualised in reference to painting as a physical presence, which for the artist invests both the surface of the canvas and the exhibition space itself, which becomes its extension.

Presence will be open to the public from Tuesday 12 April to Saturday 18 June 2022.


11/04/2022 -